Friday, June 28, 2019

The Truth about Reparations

June 27, 2019 By Jonathan F. Keiler

The genesis of the Democratic Party’s current infatuation with the idea of reparations for slavery and Jim Crow can largely be traced to an article in the Atlantic from 2014 by Ta’Nehisi Coates’ “The Case for Reparations.” Make no mistake, the “Case for Reparations” is not about money, it is about “moral reckoning” and remaking the United States.

Like most things Coates writes, few people who cite his work appear to have actually read it. In 2014 Coates was the enfant terrible of the left, now replaced by another even less impressive pseudo-intellection who goes by the moniker “AOC.”

But for a certain and relatively large subset of liberals (and particularly white liberals) Coates is the touchstone to most things black. That is, if Coates if for it they are, and more so, if Coates wrote it, or said it, it must be morally justified. It pretty much goes without saying that within this liberal subset are pretty all the Democratic presidential candidates.

Reparations are not about money. They are about a day of judgment for the United States that will restore justice to African-Americans by eradicating “white supremacy.”.............

Germany faced huge active legal liabilities along with its moral debt.  As Coates’ seems to acknowledge, the reparations were much more actively opposed by Israelis than Germans, and by the time reparation payments began in the mid-1950s Germany’s moral reckoning had been underway for a decade.

The United States has no legal liability to anybody for slavery, and even if it did that liability would have to be shared with the United Kingdom and several other European states, plus an at least as many African ones.  So the main motive of German reparations exists not at all in the current American context.............To Read More.....

My Take - The author notes there are those who feel pay them if this will go away and end this whole thing.  He also note - it won't go away - in point of fact, it will get worse. These decendants of slaves were the most fortunate of all Africans born in the last 200 years because they were brought to the United States, thus giving their decendants a life most Africans would love to have.  The need to stop whining, having babies out of wedlock, stop acting like going to school and doing well is "acting white" and stop blaming others for the failure of black America.  And go get a job! Government handouts aren't jobs.

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