Sunday, June 23, 2019

Why Gillibrand Is the Most Vapid Clown in the Car

Your call: As she fights to reach 0% in the polls, is she absurd or just plain stupid?

by June 14, 2019

She is so excruciatingly, insufferably, painfully stupid, shallow, pandering, desperate, and without ethics. Kirsten Gillibrand. United States Senator from New York. Candidate for 2020 Democrat Presidential nomination.

She was not initially on my radar. I follow the news like a hawk, but she always was so politically lightweight — make that bantamweight — that she did not register. Here in California, “register” is a term we often use for earthquakes. The Northridge shaker registered at 6.7. A solid 3.5, give or take, will wake you up. Gillibrand registers at 0.0, give or take a zero.........To Read More....

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