Sunday, June 30, 2019

Katie Hopkins explores Europe's loss of its Homelands

A new 42-minute documentary titled Homelands by British pundit Katie Hopkins (embedded below) is a cautionary tale for Americans. In England, Belgium, Italy, France, sovereignty and national culture are threatened by immigrants who openly reject the language, mores, laws of their host nations. European nationals, including former immigrants who have assimilated, are pushed out by a growing number of radical Moslems who are taking over towns, boroughs and sections rendering them “no-go zones” by menacing existing neighbors. Women and girls not clad in Islamic garb, as well as men going about diurnal chores are all threatened and harassed in their own countries.

Hopkins travels and interviews citizens of all ages who no longer feel at home in their respective cities. The globalist leaders like Merkel, Macron and May are indifferent and impotent in dealing with the problem.

The second half of the film concentrates on the plight of Jews in France. In spite of the street theater marches and perfunctory denunciations by politicians, all French Jews are in peril from marauding and violent Moslem gangs. An unprecedented number of French Jews have left with an equal number preparing to do so. ......To Read More.....

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