Friday, June 28, 2019

The Progressive Conception of "Rights" Is as Seductive as It Is Dangerous

 June 27, 2019

When outcomes the Left desires are framed as ‘rights,’ they’re easier to sell to the public, but limits on government power are inevitably discarded to achieve them.

What are rights?

If your knowledge of political philosophy were informed by the contemporary rhetoric of many prominent Democrats, you could be easily forgiven for thinking “rights” don’t really mean anything at all; or, rather, that they mean whatever progressives want them to mean.

It seems that we are increasingly expected to believe that rights are synonymous with whichever policies inhabit the progressive agenda on a given day. Universal health-care coverage? That’s a human right. Government-funded housing? Check. A four-year college education? Yup. Guaranteed employment in a well-paying job? Yes, that too..........To Read More

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