Friday, June 28, 2019

HORROR: 10-year-old migrant girl found with ’20 different types of semen’ — Illegal ‘bought her from her family in Guatemala’

June 27th, 2019 By Victor Skinner

Reports from those tasked with providing medical treatment for migrants crossing the border illegally into the U.S. are illustrating the overcrowded conditions in government-run detention centers are undoubtedly far better than what many migrants endure on their journey to America.

An unnamed “medical professional” in El Paso described the horrifying evidence of trauma and torture common among the thousands of illegal immigrants who arrive in the U.S. every day, as well as the real risks posed by those bringing serious diseases and medical issues along with them.

“There was a female, 10 years old, who was found with 20 different types of semen inside her body. She was dispatched to a family member. The girl who was with her who was supposedly a family member was not really a family member, just someone who bought her from her family in Guatemala,” the Texas medical professional told Big League Politics.................To Read More....


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