Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Angela Rye Knows You’re Racist

By June 24, 2019

The political philosopher Michael Oakeshott said that the “rationalist” is hopelessly lost in ideology, captivated by the world of self-contained coherence he has woven from strands of human experience.

He concocts a narrative about narratives, a story about stories, and adheres to the “large outline which a general theory imposes upon events.” The rationalist asserts that he has unearthed the etiological Piltdown Man and the long-sought Theory of Everything.

He believes he has reduced the totality of man’s experience to an easily digestible slogan, which contains within it “the formalized abridgment of the supposed substratum of rational truth.” In time, ideology so subsumes the rationalist that he finds “it difficult to believe that anyone who can think honestly and clearly will think differently from himself.

For a certain type of progressive, “racism” — in the broadest sense, with all of its attendant neologisms (whiteness, white supremacy, internalized oppression, privilege, etc.) — has become something of a story about stories. It explains everything: Trump’s election, racial disparities in crime rates, black Republicans, the prevailing color of bandages in grocery stores. Its explanatory scope has been tried — and tried, and tried — and is yet to be found wanting. It is indeed “remarkable,” as Oakeshott observes, “the rapidity with which [the rationalist] reduces the tangle and variety of experience” vis-à-vis the real world “to a set of principles.” ..........To Read More...

My Take - If making everything an issue of race is an effort to eliminate racism, it's a failed effort!
What happens when people are unendingly called a racists, no matter how hard they try to show you're not?  Eventually people will give up trying not to be racists, and actually become racists. 

This "race industry" that's taken hold in black America, and exploited by black race hustlers and the left, is destructive to society as a whole but it's particularly destructive to blacks, as it gives them an excuse for their failure as a community, and let's not sugar coat this. Black America is a failed community.  If blacks can't come to grips with their own faults and failures, blaming everyone else will not fix it for them. 

If black America wants social fixes in America, let it start in the home.  Having a 70% illegitimacy rate is foundational to the disaster that's playing out in black America, not racism.  The sad part of this is this.  Even if blacks in America start to fix their illegitimacy problem right now it will take decades to overcome the negative impact this has had on their thinking and actions. 

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