Thursday, June 27, 2019

The curmudgeon and the communist

June 26, 2019 By Anna L. Stark

As the Democrat gaggle of candidates gear up for their first of twelve televised presidential debates, the DNC strategy for the 2020 election is becoming more evident: push forward the two most recognizable names, fully aware that none of the other 22 candidates can carry the party vote to victory and back into the White House 17 months from now.

In truth, the Democrats are mired in a miasma of identity politics, divided by an ever widening chasm of political beliefs, and are being led over the cliff by two vastly different contenders: Joe Biden the Curmudgeon and Bernie Sanders the Communist.

Liberal politics has morphed into rabid, unwavering, and rigid narratives — in plainspeak, identity politics rules the day.

 The once big-tent, all-inclusive party has severely narrowed the list of liberal political identifiers and exactly who qualifies..................Democrats opposed to abortion are persona non grata........ if you haven't embraced the Green New Deal scam..........if you're not yet convinced that monetary reparations must be paid to the 21st-century descendants of pre–Civil War African slaves........... if you still believe that biological sex is predetermined before birth............. that men have a physical advantage over women in competitive sports, a pox on you and your house............. Liberal media pollsters are attempting to convince the American public that at least half of those who responded to a recent poll honestly believe that a socialist form of government will cure all of America's ills and faults.........To Read More....

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