Saturday, June 29, 2019

Kamala Harris: victim in chief

June 29, 2019 By Jonathan F. Keiler

Kamala Harris is not so much the anti-Trump, as she is bizzaro Trump. The consensus winner of Thursday’s debate, she did so by playing to her strengths, that is her sex and racial identity.

Like Trump, Harris is a bully. Trump is the old-fashioned type bully from the schoolyard, a big kid who commands attention and has playful but derogatory nicknames for all his lessers. Harris represents the modern bully. A kid who commands attention by playing the victim, and who hurls forceful accusations of abusive behavior against other kids, adults or anyone that gets in the way.

She played that role to a tee on Thursday, with Democratic front-runner Joe Biden as her primary target. In a clearly planned and deliberate attack on the former vice-president, Harris essentially accused Biden of hurting her feelings, by negotiating forty years ago with a couple of segregationist fellow senators. Then to make clear that it wasn’t just her feelings as a fifty-something woman (and U.S. senator herself) that were hurt, she claimed that the forced busing that Biden opposed, would have kept her from being sent to a better school as a child, by implication, hurting little Kamala too........To Read More.....

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