Sunday, June 30, 2019

The Geller Report

By Rich Kozlovich

I've decided to include a regular update on Pamela Geller's website, The Geller Report.  Below are links to the June, 29, 2019 Report, along with some older posts.

I keep hearing leftists and Islamists say Americans don't uderstand Islam.  I agree, but they use that as a justification for multiculturalism and immigration into western lands.  So I think it's important to present as much information about Muslims and Islam as possible.  We can see what Islam really stands for by their actions. 

History is the solid foundation leading to clarity, which leads to understanding. And once everyone understands what Islam is really all about, the world will start making better decisions about the Muslims and this immigration jihad that's penetrated the western defensvie wall of Judaic/Christian values. 

Values rejected by western leaders.That leaves them to deal with the real foundational values of Islam - greed, lust, hate and violence.
Older articles.

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