Monday, April 29, 2019

The Perez Principle

The Democrats’ national chairman has been promoted far beyond his talents, and it shows. Plus, various items from hither and yon.

byScott McKay April 29, 2019

You’ve no doubt heard of the Peter Principle, which holds that in any large organization individuals will rise in the hierarchy until they ultimately reach a level beyond their competence to adequately perform their jobs.   The theory, first put forth in a 1969 book by Laurence J. Peter, was intended chiefly to describe corporate structure — but it surely also applies to politics.   And particularly in the Democrat Party, which puts the principle on steroids by turbocharging it with identity politics.

Consider the case of that party’s current chairman Tom Perez, a former hardcore leftist lawyer from the Department of Justice who ended up as the Labor Secretary in the second term of the Obama administration — you remember that time, right? That was when the president assured us that manufacturing jobs and rising wages were a thing of the past and we had to accept the New Normal of sclerotic economic growth and increasing welfare dependency........To Read More.....

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