Via Daily Mail:
A once-prominent New York City surgeon who told police ‘I’m the hero, the cops are not’ during a parking ticket dispute in 2016 won a $1.2 million lawsuit on Friday, after successfully arguing the officers used excessive force. 
Rachel Wellner, 43, initially filed a $30 million suit against the city, claiming her civil rights were violated when an officer allegedly pushed her and grabbed her arm during a traffic stop in Midtown, three years ago. 
Wellner had illegally parked her Volvo over a crosswalk to dash into a store in February 2016. When she returned, she saw police issuing her a parking ticket and reportedly became confrontational. 
According to a police report, she told the officers: ‘I’m a doctor. I have patients that are dying. I’m the hero, the cops are not. I don’t accept the summons. I have to go.’
The Ivy-League educated doctor then attempted to flee the scene but struck one of the officer’s legs with her car. 
She was placed in handcuffs and later escorted to the police station where she pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct..............Keep reading…