Saturday, April 27, 2019

Trump speaks of ‘attempted coup’ and previews coming storm headed toward the plotters

April 26, 2019 Thomas Lifson

President Trump has gone on the record that the plotters against him in what he called an “attempted coup” are going to be exposed and brought to justice for their misdeeds, and that it is happening faster than most people believe. Last night, for almost three quarters of an hour, President Trump spoke via telephone on air with Sean Hannity on his eponymous Fox News program. Because the two men are friends, the conversation flowed from topic to topic, covering a wide range of points. But the president made some startling points that cover complicated stories just emerging.

Probably, the key soundbite was his use of the expression “attempted coup” to describe the machinations of those who used the intelligence and law enforcement apparatus of the federal government to prevent his election, and once elected, to frustrate his operations and drive him from office. The president previewed the forthcoming IG report, which he said, “based on what I hear” would be a blockbuster. He also promised fill declassification of the FISA warrant applications that were used to spy on his campaign, and promised much more than that in terms of declassification. ........ Read more

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