Saturday, April 27, 2019

The Democrat Party, Now Undeniably a Communist Party, Still Has a Serious Problem!


A bevy of Democrat wannabe presidential candidates are revering up full throttle to position themselves as the best Progressive who can beat Donald Trump in 2020. Their singular focus is to beat Donald Trump before he actually drains the swamp as he promised. Good Luck on that! To be best, one needs to stand on a record of achievement, not merely spew out rhetorical talking points that hides past failures, promises the impossible and has never worked. Never!
Progressives have spent decades undermining, in the name of ‘Democracy’ the fabric of American cohesiveness, the Christian church, the Constitution, the nuclear family and American education.
The current crop of candidates, all socialists, have NO plan that restores American greatness for anyone, but collectively fosters divisiveness, hate, envy, and reliance on mother government. We deserve the government we’ve got because we weren’t paying attention. The government we’re going to get, if we don’t wake up, will be shoved down our throats. 
The Democrat party, now undeniably a communist party, still has a serious problem. That albatross of lies, deceit and incompetence still hangs around their neck and it’s getting heavier. All the wannabe’s, each and every one of ‘em, like that carton of eggs I used as a metaphor recently, are in lockstep, moving America far Left into the snake pit of Socialism.
Americans are not socialists and don’t really want to be socialists except perhaps, for those ignorant products of Americas institutions of higher education who don’t know any better. They cling to the belief it is their manifest destiny to save the world from a dangerous America and, that Americans, meaning that vast crowd of “deplorable’s” who live in “fly-over” land, don’t really know what’s best for them or the country, while they do. Their best example is that redneck rube from New York, Donald Trump. Yes Virginia, even NY has its rednecks too.....................
Venezuela is an exact copy of Orwell’s 1984 scenario, 90% of the population in poverty while the “elites” endure the noises from the streets from behind the walls of gun protection......To Read More....

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