Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Sanctity of Life No Longer Deemed Sacred in Trudeau’s Canada

By   Bio and Archives April 29, 2019

stupendously stupid photo-ops like the one yesterday when he spent all of 15 minutes with his children filling sand bags to hold back raging flood waters in Ottawa, it’s that   a thoughtless narcissistic trust fund baby somehow got himself elected as prime minister.

As a Trust Fund Little Guy from the day he was born, Justin Trudeau has never had to give a moment’s thought to anyone, or anything else but himself.

While untold thousands are posting Twitter critiques about how the Selfie King PM called a volunteer trying to help flood vulnerable neighbours “unneighbourly” and “unfriendly,” placing his hand on the volunteer’s forearm and allowing Kanata-Carleton Liberal MP Karen McCrimmon to try to push the volunteer away, the sun is going down on Canada.

What did the Tweet brigade expect from a prime minister who self-identifies as a “feminist” and has done everything but stand on his well-coiffed head to squeeze himself into yet another photo-op?
When Daddy’s Trust Fund PM is not showing off, he’s leading the noble nation called Canada into the graveyard.

One photo-op Trudeau will never show: Without their even being aware of it, people are going to Canadian hospitals to be lethally injected by doctors:
“Canadian doctors committed thousands of homicides in 2018. According to an interim report published by the government, in the first ten months of last year, doctors lethally injected 2, 613 patients (with one assisted suicide) — and that doesn’t include the homicides committed by doctors in Quebec, Northwest Territories, Yukon, and Nunavut. (National Review, April 26, 2019)............To Read More....

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