Sunday, April 28, 2019

Thousands of Muslims Protest Against Christian Governor

By Dave Jolly November 6, 2016

How many times have we been told that the Muslims in America don’t want to change our nation but enjoy the freedoms they have here that they don’t have in their homes countries?  Then how many times have we heard about those same Muslims in America committing honor beatings and killings of female family members and they justify it according to sharia law?  What about an American Muslim judge who allowed a Muslim guilty of beating a man for dressing up as a zombie Muhammad for Halloween? The same judge not only let the Muslim offender go free but he chastised the victim for blaspheming Muhammad.

Muslims have taken control of most of Dearborn, Michigan and they have been persecuting Christians for street evangelism. The high schools in Dearborn have been allowed to hold a girls only prom for Muslim girls while other schools are not allowed to hold a Baccalaureate service for graduating students because it’s a Christian service.......To Read More.....

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