Saturday, April 27, 2019

Spurning their famous shindig, Trump forces journalists to spend the night looking at each other

Has President Trump done a public service by shunning the famous glitzy, star-studded White House Correspondents' extravaganza, and telling the White House staff not to bother, too?

It's an answer that writes itself.

Journalists are supposed to be journalists, seeking truth without fear or favor, not Hollywood stars air-kissing each other and positioning themselves for the best camera time and seat tables, snuggling up to the Hollywood chi-chi crowd, which is what the wretched thing has devolved to.

It's gotten so bad, so contrary to what journalists claim to stand for that credible journalists, such as Matt Bai (yes, he's leftwing, but he's fairer than most of them), telling people it's something he steers clear of. Anyone with self-respect ought to do the same. If Washington is Hollywood for Ugly People, the White House Correspondent's dinner has become Washington airheads for Hollywood people.

Amusingly, Politico has a piece about just what a crisis this is for these bozos:............To Read More

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