Sunday, April 28, 2019

The Clintons: America's Borgias

Donald Trump just may be the divine intervention necessary to stop this deplorable family from wreaking further damage on the United States

By Patricia McCarthy

With the election just a few days away, considering all the information that has been dribbling out about the Clintons and the criminal enterprise that is the Clinton Foundation, in the emails from Podesta's Gmail account and the State Department, and Anthony Weiner's laptop, it is inevitable that people may compare the Clintons to the Borgias.  The Borgias were the Italian-Spanish family of the Renaissance era who attained great power but were perhaps the most corrupt political family in world history – until now.

The Borgias corrupted the Catholic Church as well as the body politic of their realm. Like the Clintons, they were, above all, only interested in accumulating wealth and power for themselves and their children.  They obeyed no laws, lived by no rules, that applied to others.........To Read More...

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