Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Judge Nap, the mendacious magistrate

April 29, 2019 By Russ Vaughn

I'm not a daytime watcher of Fox News, but as an always-on television is within earshot, I do tend to be a bit of a detached daytime listener. As such, I have been mystified by the one-eighty-degree turn of Fox legal analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano from being an ardent Trump-supporter to a constant critic of the president. It was one of those mysteries we must sometimes wait years for to get an explanation of what led to such a sudden, inexplicable political reversal.

But thanks to that titan of tweeting, our nation's chief executive (Dems would prefer that to be Titanic), we now know what inspired this sudden onset of anti-Trump hostility from Judge Nap. Following his hugely successful Wisconsin rally Saturday night, Donald Trump tweeted this:...... Read more

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