Sunday, April 28, 2019

Viewpoint: Farmers’ crops are failing, and Europe’s precautionary assault on neonicotinoid insecticides is to blame

| | March 8, 2019

As the present leaderless European Commission limps to its pathetic end, Europeans will want to forget its five year string of failures and missteps across a wide range of issues. One section of the European population who will never forget the last five years of incompetence will be farmers, who have suffered from an endless stream of cowardly precautionary fixes that went against scientific evidence, political compromises that played into interest groups over agriculture and the rising influence of the organic food lobby and neo-Marxist greens hell-bent on furthering a confused, medieval perception of the countryside.

Yes, The Risk-Monger is angry. Farmers’ crops are failing at an alarming rate and someone should inform these proud precautionistas in Brussels that it’s their bloody fault.

A litany of failure

Before these civil servants in DG Santé raise a glass to celebrate their achievements over the last Commission in defending what was never under threat; before they empty their desks and move on to lucrative new careers; before they try to write a positive spin on the last five years of regulatory negligence, it seems reality is coming to bite them in the face. This Commission will leave office aware they have decimated European farming far greater than any wide-scale drought or war could ever have done. The impact on EU agriculture from the precautionary zealots in DG Santé should be compared to swarms of locusts being left to consume the land.

A reminder of the European Commission’s litany of failure towards EU farmers:.......To Read More....

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