Tuesday, April 30, 2019

The Waking Nightmare Lying In Wait For 2020

By —— Bio and Archives--April 29, 2019

Looking at the next POTUS election is like a dream come true for the KGB. They have finally fixed all the details for our demise, after decades of propaganda.”.

The irony in Guillermo’s intuitive thoughts is impossible to miss. While roughly 90 percent of the mainstream and social media spent the last two and a half years on a wild goose chase trying to prove Trump/Russia collusion, but came back totally empty of evidence, the KGB have “finally fixed all the details for our demise after decades of propaganda”.

The media made it appear as if the Russians were coming when they were already here. Impervious to reality, the media, cheered on by the power-crazed Democrats, are STILL out there digging for dirt of any kind to bring down the president.

About the 2020 election, Guillermo pointedly asks: “What will happen?” .........Read More

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