Thursday, April 25, 2019

Happer vs. AOC: a telling contrast

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) is by far the best known climate change alarmist today, having way surpassed Al Gore for that title. Gore is now something of a has-been in the fame department. On the other side, Will Happer is far and away the best known skeptic (not counting President Trump, who is not an active skeptic).

The contrast between these two icons — AOC and Happer — is remarkably telling when it comes to the climate change debate in America. Each is ideal in their way. Let’s consider this a bit.

As a member of Congress, AOC is in a position of political power. As a National Security Council staffer, Happer has considerable influence but no actual power. In the same way, alarmists control many political institutions, while skeptics are outside voices of reason.

AOC has a basic degree in economics, while Happer was a named chair in physics at Princeton. His field is radiation physics, which is central to the climate change scientific issue. (It is laughable in this context that alarmists criticize Happer supposed lack of scientific knowledge.)

More broadly, alarmists are focused on economic measures like carbon taxes and the subsidized or forced use of renewables. They claim there are no outstanding scientific issues. In contrast, skeptics like Happer (and me) are all over the science. We argue that the science is far from settled and what science we have strongly suggests that no serious problem exists. I repeat, there is no problem to be solved, other than alarmism itself.............To Read More....

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