Saturday, April 27, 2019

Another Front in the War Against the Christians

Apr 25, 2019 by

Israel’s Counter-Terrorism Bureau issued a warning to all Israelis currently in Sri Lanka, urging them to leave the island nation with all due haste, citing a “high and concrete” possibility of another terrorist attack. This is Israel’s second highest security warning. The bureau also warned those planning to visit Sri Lanka to cancel their trips.  The United Kingdom Foreign Office issued similar warnings to its citizens against “all but essential travel [to Sri Lanka] due to the current evolving security situation following attacks on 21 April 2019”. 
These warnings may signal the development of a new twist in the changing tactics of Islamic terrorism and, more specifically, of ISIS, of follow-up attacks days after the first. Although the organization that terrorized the Middle East for the last eight years or so has lost most of the land and the uncompromisingly brutal authority it held at the height of its power, the group is far from defeated. They have simply adjusted to their new circumstances, and have gone back into hiding. In Sri Lanka, they recruited in secret and struck suddenly where it was least expected. And they may be planning more attacks soon.
Yet despite their secrecy, there were warnings of impending attacks against the island’s churches from both American and Indian intelligence sources. They came more than two weeks before the attacks, but the authorities ignored them. The Sri Lankan government has since acknowledged “major lapses” over its failure to stop the attacks, and the President has now asked for the resignations of the Defense Secretary and National Police Chief for ignoring the warnings they received.
In the mean time, Sri Lanka’s forces have begun arresting people..........Make no mistake, my friends, there is a war going on …. and it is against Christians. Several years ago, at the beginning of the Syrian ‘civil’ war, I wrote a series of articles about the terrorist groups that were running rampant throughout Syria. I explained how they were viciously targeting Christians, murdering men, women, and children, and leaving their bodies in long, open pits, exposed to the elements, the insects, and the dogs. I identified this as a hallmark of the emerging terrorist group now known as ISIS..........To Read More...   

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