Sunday, April 28, 2019

Memo from an old soldier: Trump can't save America by himself. Clinton can destroy it.

Trump wants to drain the swamp. Clinton is the swamp

By Don Feder

Increasingly, I feel like the old soldier of General Douglas MacArthur's 1962 West Point speech.  In a poetic passage, the man who led American forces in the Pacific during World War II confessed:
The shadows are lengthening for me. The twilight is here.  My days of old have vanished – tone and tint. They have gone glimmering through the dreams of things that were. ... Always there are echoes and re-echoes: Duty, Honor, Country.
Toward the end of this month, I'll be 70 years old – about the same age as the contenders.  Trump turned 70 in June.  Hillary will be 70 next October. She graduated from Wellesley College the same year I graduated from Boston University, schools less than 20 miles what may be the most consequential election in memory, this I know to be true: Trump won't save America.  (The rot is too extensive and entrenched.)  She could very well destroy it.  Trump won't make America great again. (That's too big a job for one man in four to eight years.) But he will begin the process.  Added to eight years of Obama, an unhealthy dose of Hillary could spell the end of the Republic.......He wants to drain the swamp.  She is the swamp........More

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