Saturday, April 27, 2019

Mueller Is Circling the Drain

April 26, 2019 By Spike Hampson

Certain aspects of the process whereby Robert Mueller was appointed special counsel challenge the legitimacy of the entire undertaking.  To understand them, we must dip into the legalese surrounding the appointment process, but at least that weighty language is mercifully short.
Please read Rod Rosenstein's letter appointing Robert Mueller as special counsel.  It is readily available online.  The following quotation from the letter extracts its essence:.............
The second point is that appointment of a special counsel is triggered by a conflict of interest within the Department of Justice or some other extraordinary circumstance.  Most likely, Rosenstein will point to an extraordinary circumstance (investigation of a sitting president) as the trigger.  

The potential for political bias would be the logical justification for asserting "extraordinary circumstance," in which case Mueller would know that avoidance of even the appearance of political bias was critically important to his investigation.  Given this reality, why did he hire a bunch of Clinton-supporters whose sympathies with the Democrats and Hillary were public knowledge?

Answer: He knew that his only real job was to nail Trump, and for that, he would need investigators like Andrew Weissmann — more interested in successful prosecution than pursuit of the truth.............To Read More

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