Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Hillary Says Trump 'Certainly' Should Have Been Indicted...Trump Jr Reminds Her of Her Indiscretions

Cortney O'Brien Apr 23, 2019
Update: President Trump tweeted out a response to Clinton via a Rush Limbaugh soundbite. In the Fox News clip he shared, Limbaugh says Clinton is "the last person" who should be mandating what happens to Trump, considering she has been repeatedly "rejected" by the American people.

At the TIME 100 summit in New York Tuesday afternoon, Hillary Clinton said Donald Trump is lucky he's president. Special counsel Robert Mueller's final report on the Russia investigation concluded that Trump at no point colluded to win the 2016 election, but it did leave open some questions about his behavior and whether it amounted to obstruction of justice.

Clinton intoned that anyone else would not have gotten off so scot-free...........Donald Trump Jr. was one of the first people to remind Clinton of her own indiscretions when she was secretary of state. .........To Read More....

My Take - Is it possible this woman is even more stupid than I think she is.  Yes, apparently she is.  She just can't keep her mouth shut and the left can't stop playing her game.  If she'd shut her mouth and accepted the fact she's a loser none of the criminal activity she and the Democrats practiced during the Obama administration might not have been exposed by all these investigations.  The time to pay the piper is coming, and Hillary and her whole gang are going to come under a microscope, and someone is going to go to jail!

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