Monday, January 29, 2018

Mexifornia Today, Meximerica Tomorrow?

Victor Davis Hanson,Mexifornia: A State of Becoming,Encounter Books, 2003, 150 pp., $21.95.

Mexifornia- A State of Becoming by Victor Davis HansonMexifornia’s first-hand descriptions of the depredations of Mexican immigration are compelling, and the book sounds the alarm about the need to control immigration, but like so many others who are beginning to see the light, Prof. Hanson cannot bring himself to acknowledge or understand race. Assimilation, and an end to racial nose-counting, he claims, would turn everyone into equally good citizens.
As a child in the 1950s and “60s, Prof. Hanson was one of few whites in Selma. Most of his classmates were legal Mexican immigrants, along with a remnant of the white “Okies” who still did farm work. He says there was some mild racial tension, but that a strong assimilationist ethic meant everyone was American, regardless of race..........Today, Selma is almost entirely Mexican. La Raza-typeracialism has replaced assimilation, and Prof. Hanson deals almost daily with the problems — unseen by most whites — of mass immigration. Illegals use his farm as a garbage dump. He regularly finds used diapers, plastic toys, old magazines, television sets, vermin-infested sofas and beds, and even junk cars on his property. His most bizarre discovery was a 1950s camping trailer (no plates or registration, of course) abandoned in front of his house. It was filled with broken furniture, tree limbs, garbage, clothes, and old newspapers. The tires were flat and the trailer was impossible to move............

Prof. Hanson cannot use his mailbox for outgoing mail because it will be stolen. Mexicans have robbed him and assaulted his family. Farm tools disappear immediately if they are not locked up. Gang graffiti mars his property. It is pointless to go to the bank or the DMV because no one there speaks English.

Drunken farm workers with no insurance cause traffic accidents. Hospital emergency rooms overflow with immigrants, none with insurance, waiting to be treated at taxpayer expense for everything from minor injuries to gun shot wounds.............As a Mexican friend told the author, “If you let us make California into Mexico, we will just go to Oregon. If we turn Oregon into Mexico, we’ll stampede our way into Washington . . .”.....To Read More....

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