Monday, January 29, 2018

Culture Wars: Supporting “Them” Over “Us” Until We’re Dead

By William R. Hawkins

Too many putative conservatives, especially establishment Republicans, do not realize what is at stake in these culture wars. They still think it is just politics as usual; whose brother-in-law gets the next paving contract.

Meanwhile, suicidal notions are slipping more and more into the mainstream, especially in youth circles, whose idle minds are the Left’s playground. National security experts worry about radicalization by some terrorist in a cave in the Middle East with a laptop.

A much more massive effort at subversion is in full swing every day from well-funded domestic sources. Those on the Right (or anywhere else on the spectrum who thinks it is better to live here and now rather than elsewhere or elsewhen) must fight back just as hard or there will be nothing left to conserve.........

The Left’s desire to see America fail is not dependent on any true measure of success by those they champion. During the Cold War there was ideological affinity between home-grown radicals and Communist aggressor states and movements.

Now, however, there is nothing in Islamic jihadism that can appeal to a typical leftist who abhors religion and rejects puritanical values. But they have a common enemy; us, and that’s enough. And, there are many who are eager to renew their vows with Moscow as Putin becomes more assertive; and who want to protect Iran and North Korea from “U.S. warmongers.” Nor are all the supporters of “them” over “us” focused on threats overseas. The “Sanctuary Cities” movement explicitly aims to keep criminal aliens on the loose to prey on more of us here.  

This institutionalized desire for national suicide is not just confined to the fever swamps of academe, though this is where its unnatural notions are conjured up. .............To Read More

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