Thursday, January 25, 2018

Dutch Police to Confiscate Clothes from People Who Look Too Poor to Wear Them

by Katherine Timpf January 23, 2018 6:30 PM @KatTimpf
This policy is an affront to people's very humanity. Police in Rotterdam, a city in the Netherlands, have announced that they are going to “undress” young people who are wearing clothes that look too expensive for them to be wearing. Yes — seriously. According to an article in the Independent, if you look too poor for the clothes that you’re wearing, then police will be able to confiscate them — unless you’re able to somehow prove that you actually bought them.........“They are often young guests who consider themselves untouchable,” Rotterdam police chief Frank Paauw told the Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf. “We’re going to undress them on the street.”.........Read more at
My Take - Clearly there are side bar issues not being discussed in this article - issues the media prefers to ignore - but I posted this because it's just one more example of just out of control government can become at a very basic level.  While doing nothing more than walking down the street they can be confronted, detained, stripped and forced to .....welll.....I'm not sure what they will be forced to do after that.  Are they arrested and sent to jail?  Are they allowed to walk home in their underwear?  What do they do with the clothes?  If their underwear looks too expensive do they strip them of their underwear? Do they walk home naked or are they taken to jail naked?  In short - they're accused, arrested, tried, convicted and punished by the cop on patrol just because a cop thinks they're too well dressed for their social or economic status - with no outline as to how a cop is to determine that. 
Now why would anyone think that's a perfect situation for abuse?

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