Monday, January 29, 2018

Using Nullification To Destroy Federalism

By E. Jeffrey Ludwig January 29, 2018

Animosity reigns supreme among Democrats who now are anything but “the loyal opposition.” The intention to disrupt, undermine, insult, reject, and vilify anything and everything about President Donald Trump’s person, his programs, and his policies is there for all to see. Character assassination is but one dimension of the attack on this administration. Ridicule on late night talk/comedy shows is standard and has been standard throughout the President’s first year in office. Incessant conversations about the investigation into the bogus “Russia collusion” has been allotted more than 80% of news and discussion time on major media outlets.

.............the so-called “Dreamers,” who are here illegally are being defended along with other illegals who, in addition to being illegals, are also criminals. And this is all under the name of diversity.

Trump is being characterized as a pathological xenophobe. This enforcement is presumably motivated by his hate and the hate of his supporters for non-white peoples, especially Hispanics. And this pervasive and obsessive anti-Latino tendency is reinforced by an additional dimension of his mindset, and that of his Christian, conservative, dumb, working-class mindsets, by Islamophobia.........

A few years ago, when Arizona tried to execute strict enforcement laws against illegals, the Democrats were up in arms. This was taken to court, and it was determined that some of the measures taken by the Republicans and by Gov. Jan Brewer were outside the purview of state authority because immigration enforcement was strictly under federal supervision.

By trying to provide a safer and more lawful environment, she was lambasted as a vile nullifier of federal authority. One of my colleagues at the time literally compared Arizona to North Korea, asserting that it was acting ruthlessly and unlawfully. Also in Arizona, Sheriff Joe Arpaio was persecuted for his supposed overstepping of his authority. Now we have the Democrats in California and elsewhere with their “sanctuary city” and “sanctuary state” movement on the search and destroy path of nullification of legitimate federal authority............To Read More....

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