Sunday, January 28, 2018

Are We Heading for an Immigration Sellout?

Derek Hunter | Posted: Jan 28, 2018

If I’d told you 2 years ago journalists would scramble to “report” on the allegation President Donald Trump wanted to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller seven months ago like it A) just happened, and B) actually happened (as in he was fired), you would’ve thought I was lying to you. But it’s all too real, and someone will likely win a journalism award for it.

But in an age of frantic reporting over rumors, lies, and non-stories, the pearl-clutching class chose a faux-scandal over some real news – that the White House is open to selling out on immigration. Oh, they mentioned it, but it wasn’t nearly as important as the alleged prospect of the President wanting to fire someone he has every Constitutional right to fire.........So why should children of illegal aliens simply be given the greatest thing the United States has to offer because they weren’t caught earlier? There is no statute of limitations on violating immigration law – every day someone is in the country illegally they are breaking the law. It’s a continual violation. You can’t trespass on someone’s property, but hide in their treehouse or garage for a week and the trespassing expires, then get to move into the house.........To Read More....

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