Friday, January 26, 2018

The Ear Marks of a Fascist Regime

By Rich Kozlovich

I hate to keep repeating this but - the Democrats kept up the mantra of Hillary's great intelligence for as long as I can remember, yet I couldn't find one person who could describe one smart thing she ever did. So why would they embrace someone who was so clearly incompetent, with an amazingly nasty vulgar disposition who treated those around her horribly, was filled with an almost insane ego driven desire to be President of the United States, with obvious health issues and a pattern of criminal behavior that was easily demonstrable?

The answer is also clear. They just didn’t want Hillary to win – they needed her to win to hide all of her criminal activities and those of the Obama administration.

The Trump administration had better stop dragging its feet on this and start seriously investigating these people and charging them for the crimes they've committed. Once that starts the information lid on these secret societies, cabals, and back room schemes will come off, and we'll see just how far up the chain of command the corruption has gone.

Now they're desperate, and there's no telling the damage they will do before they're thrown in jail, so that needs to be done as quickly as possible. The longer this takes the more long-term damage.

During the Watergate years I kept reading how the Nixon administration had taken on the earmarks of a "fascist regime". Hardly, but that's a common charge by the left for those they don't like. A pattern that they adopted from Joe Stalin.

Let's understand this - fascism and communism are two side of the same coin - socialism. Both leftist movements. When Stalin attacked anyone, who opposed him calling them fascists, which was the right wing of the socialist movement. That's how this whole idea the right was a fascist movement came into being, when in reality fascism is the leftist movement. These Antifa radicals screaming about Trump being a fascist is nothing more than a projection fallacy, which is a common tactic of the left - accusing someone else of being what they are. 

Leftists want and love more and bigger government.  Trump is trying to dismantle as much as he can. So how can he be the fascist?

What we see being exposed now is how the Obama administration really was taking on all the earmarks of a fascist regime, and if Hillary had won - she would have completed the task.

The federal government under FDR had been thoroughly infiltrated with communists, Soviet agents, socialists and fellow travelers, all working treasonously against America, and Roosevelt had to have known that. Roosevelt created a massive number of government agencies and these traitors infiltrated each and every one of them including the OSS, which was the predecessor of the CIA.

The Soviet Union is gone, but the leftist tilt in government has never been eradicated. So, what's the fix? Investigate the illegal activity going on in these government agencies, send those who've committed crimes to jail and then dismantle many of those agencies and put controls in place for DOJ, FBI, NSA, CIA, State, and IRS. They must be made accountable.

This will more easily be done if the 16th and 17th Amendments are repealed. Eliminating income tax (16th Amendment) and replacing it with a national sales tax will pretty much decimate the IRS and their ability to abuse people.

The 17th Amendment changed how Senators were chosen. Originally, they were appointed by each state to be de-facto ambassadors to the central government, they we're elected. The House of Representatives were supposed to represent the people, the Senators were supposed to represent the States. Restoring the State's right to pick their own Senators will go a long way to creating a better sense of oversight of these agencies and the budget.

And finally pass a 28th Amendment to place age and term limits on the federal judiciary, which has become as a destructive force against the Constitution as anything in the nation. 


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