Sunday, January 28, 2018

Stop Forcing Unions on Workers

Trey Kovacs January 24, 2018

Workers should have the right to speak for themselves at their workplace and decide how to spend their hard earned wages. Yet, in around 20 states, the law provides government unions with the power to speak for and deduct money from public employees’ paychecks, whether or not these workers desire union representation.

A case before the Supreme Court could correct this injustice. In Janus v AFSCME, Council 31, the court will decide whether government workers may be forced to pay a union as a condition of employment. The plaintiff, Mark Janus, a child-support specialist in Illinois, is asking the Supreme Court to declare forced union dues a violation of his and millions of other public employees’ First Amendment rights.

In a recent report, I discuss reasons why the Supreme Court should rule in favor of Janus and how states can further workplace freedom for public employees in the event that forced union dues are abolished.

Vast Differences between Public and Private-Sector Unions.......To Read More....

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