Saturday, January 27, 2018

Trump’s Greatest Achievement May Be the Worsening Agony of the NY Times Op-Ed Writers

Stephen Kruiser January 16, 2018

As we are about to begin Year Two of the Trump era in Washington, there are a lot of things to like from year one. Tax reform. Gutting regulations. A return of presidential respect and support for law enforcement.

The most entertaining aspect to this presidency as far as I am concerned is the way that President Trump keeps the media in a near permanent state of apoplexy.

The beauty of watching it all from this side of the aisle is enjoying the casual ease with which he leads them around by their noses all the while they keep reassuring themselves that they’re the smart ones and are really fighting the power.

The examples of this are so numerous they could be dealt with in lengthy book or a miniseries, so we will just focus on one media outlet here: The New York Times. More specifically, the Grey Lady’s Opinion section.

It is no secret to any non-liberal reader of the Times that the Opinion section has long been the section of the paper, and now the website, that is most likely to go off the deep end at any moment. Featuring a parade of contributors who are so far left that many of them have probably never even met a moderate Democrat, the Opinion section isn’t handling President Trump’s continued success very well...........To Read More.....

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