Thursday, January 25, 2018

Progressives Torch Democrats For Ending Shutdown That Put Interests Of Illegal Aliens Over Citizens

Matt Vespa Posted: Jan 24, 2018

Folks, let’s be honest. This shutdown fiasco was because of illegal immigration. There was no deal on the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. There wasn’t even one to consider during the three-day shutdown that ended with the government reopening without Democrats getting anything for DACA recipients.

After three days, the news media, and pretty much everyone else, were quite adamant that the Democrats lost this fight. Protections for DACA was already agreed to by both parties, Children’s Health Insurance Program is funded for six years, and FISA is going to be renewed. There was no changing of the agenda, only that Democrats just wanted to shut down the government to show that they’re willing to do anything for illegal aliens.

If you were to guess that doesn’t poll well, you’d be correct. Hence, why Democrats sprinted for the exit on this shutdown fight as soon as the opportunity presented itself thanks for Senate Republicans. Literally nothing changed—and progressives were not happy, torching Shutdown Chuck and the rest of the Democratic Party for caving (via Politico):..........To Read More.....'

My Take - That's the problem with leftists - nothing is ever enough, and  as for the politicians who pamper them, excuse them, cater to them and need them - they eventually learn there's a price to be paid for catering to radicals. 

But Democrats have boxed themselves in, as one writer noted regarding the government shutdown over illegal immigration:  "[Shumer] could rev-up his Zero for the shutdown kamikaze suicide mission, or strap on the dynamite vest and blow up his caucus by surrendering on what his base demanded. Both would end badly."     

They have a serious long range problem - they can't be elected without massive infusions of illegals, and they can't get anything meaningful done with them.   Furthermore, they can't get elected without massive voter fraud,  Illegal immigration and voter fraud are two important issues the Republicans are working to fix.   

The 2018 election will be a blood bath for Democrats who've been part of this but live in districts that aren't filled with far left loons.  As for the RINO's - They're doomed, and just in time!

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