Friday, January 26, 2018

Settling for the Truth

By Tom McAllister January 26, 2018

For well over a year, we have endured the media's incessant, sheeplike bleating of Russia! Russia! Russia! Each day we were warned about President Trump through an unchained medley of coordinated narratives on the possibility of collusion, corruption, obstruction, and most recently insanity. However, the greatest danger to our nation appears to be much closer than Russia and more widespread than a single individual such as Donald Trump.

We are on the cusp of uncovering the greatest government scandal in the history of our republic. This isn't another Teapot Dome. This is no third-rate burglary and cover-up of Watergate infamy or a president lying about his sexual infidelity under oath. We are several levels of magnitude above those offenses. The potential extent of this cancerous government corruption encompasses multiple agencies and departments within the DOJ, FBI, NSA, CIA, State, and IRS and possibly more.

We've revealed FBI agents and DOJ officials potentially covering up crimes for one political candidate while abusing the court system to enable spying on another political candidate with the intent of finding, or worse, making up, criminal activity. We've discovered widespread evidence of "pay to play" bribery within the State Department. Going further back, we've seen government agencies targeting political activists with harassment and delay tactics, spying on the media, and government agencies engaged in gun-running with drug cartels with the end goal being to restrict and change gun laws and the Second Amendment. The potential scope and breadth of corruption are unprecedented. This is Chicago-style venality on a national and even international scale. This is Deep-State swamp behavior that exceeds the imaginations of the best spy novelists and the scariest part is that this is very real.

In the din of media noise, we try to filter out the real news – we simply seek an answer to a question pondered 2,000 years ago by a Roman procurator of Israel. Quid est veritas? What is truth? In perhaps the greatest irony in human history, said Roman procurator was staring at truth and didn't know it. In likewise fashion, when the truth finally comes to light, will the media and those on the left recognize it?.........To Read More....

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