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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

FBI Implosion Continues: Andrew McCabe OUT At Embattled Bureau!

By Andrew West January 29, 2018

As the FBI continues to self-immolate at a record pace, the “resistance” rats who had burrowed into the dank, nesting corners of the bureau are fleeing at a record pace. The bureau, which has long been a mythical mess of corruption, lies, espionage, and secrecy, has reached all new levels of deplorable behavior in the wake of Donald Trump’s electoral victory over a year ago.

Given that the organization roundly refused to effectively investigate despicably devious democrat Hillary Clinton for her obvious crimes against America, and then refused to prosecute her when the truth arrived in the media, it comes as no surprise that the FBI has come under fire from Trump and his fellow republicans.

After firing former director James Comey for his vapid ineffectiveness, Donald Trump was brutally attacked by the left who saw the move as some sort of Washington power grab.  (To be fair, you can’t drain the entire swamp without this sort of flippant feedback).

Now, Comey’s replacement, Andrew McCabe, is being “removed” from his position as well, just weeks after being targeted by President Trump for his own scandalous, liberal connections.......To Read More.....

My Take - I keep coming back to the same question.  What can be done when those who are empowered to enforce the law are law breakers themselves?  I keep coming back to the same answer.   Throw them in jail before they so totally corrupt the system a totalitarian regime takes control.  Among my circle of friends it was pretty much agreed - from before he was elected - Obama wanted to destroy America. 

Of course most people laughed, and accused me of just being prejudiced against Obama.  But I keep saying this over and over again:  Tell me the history and I will give you the answer.  His history could lead me to no other conclusion. 

Now the history of his administration is clearly showing that's exactly what he was doing, and if Hillary had been elected all of this criminal activity would have gone away forever and it wouldn't be long before that fascist regime came into being.  After that the purges would begin - just as it has in every other fascist/communist (both are socialists, just two sides of the same coin) regime that's taken control of a stable society - a society they destabilized. 

There are only three things socialists are good at: Stealing everyone's money, destabilizing stable societies and killing a lot of innocent people - either directly or indirectly through their insane programs. 

Socialists all demand utopia.  No imperfection could be tolerated!  They have never delivered anything except dystopia and imperfection - misery, suffering and early death, isn't just tolerated, it's an unending reality.   

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