Thursday, January 25, 2018

Laugh At The Democrats As They Die On Amnesty Hill

Kurt Schlichter Posted: Jan 25, 2018

Well, that whole government shutdown thing didn't work out real well for the genius Democrats, did it? Nothing seems to be working out for them lately. The stock market is going gangbusters. The House GOP are becoming gangbusters – and the gang that is about to be busted is the coterie of evidence deleting Obama cronies who so brazenly politicized the government to help their political puppetmasters that even Zombie Richard Nixon is appalled. ISIS is dead - rest in pieces, you Seventh Century pederast cowards. And thanks to tax reform, everyone else is dead too, but is also getting more money in their paychecks.........when you're invested in America’s failure. When America succeeds, you fail. And America has not yet been sufficiently fundamentally transformed onto one of those Third World Schumerholes that it defaults to failure.    ..........To Read More....

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