Monday, January 29, 2018

Fifty Years Battling the Kultursmog

R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr.  January 28, 2018

At The American Spectator we call it Kultursmog, it being the popular culture of the country, occasionally even the high culture of the country. You want examples of Kultursmog!

Think of the production of a Shakespeare play with the players appearing in the nude or dressed up as 1930s gangsters, complete with machineguns. I have never seen, say, the Royal Shakespeare Company, perform Shakespeare in the nude, but doubtless their day will come. On the other hand, I have seen Macbeth cast in gangster garb. It was twenty years ago, and I was either in New York or London… after a few drinks I get the two confused. I suppose their outr√© casting of Macbeth was supposed to make the audience think......... One of the false assumptions of the Kultursmog is that Americans do not think at all, and so Kultur’s sacrosanct duty is to make us think by disturbing us, by making us want to tear down the theatre, by giving us a nosebleed, by making us really ill.............

Liberalism died around 2009 when the New York Times’ Sam Tanenhaus came out with his suicidal book, The Death of Conservatism...........Then within months they were greeted by the conservatives’ 2010 wave election. Conservatism won the House of Representatives, picking up 63 seats. They picked up 6 seats in the Senate. They added 6 governorships, bringing them control of 32 governor’s mansions. They won 680 new seats in state legislatures........ Their rush to forsake the term liberalism began and they settled on the term Progressive, but with a difference. The Progressives were more radical, more uncomfortable living in America, more fantastical...........Today there are almost no liberals............To Read More....

My Take -  When the socialists descended on America in the late 1800's they weren't popular simply because America was far more religious than today and socialism is fundamentally atheistic.  So, the left adopted the term Progressive in order to hide who and what they really were and religion became the binding force for this new "progressive" movement, with the idea socialism was the practical application of Christian ethic.

After WWII they became liberals and binding force was psychology - if you disagreed with them you were crazy - and they were finally able to kick the "Social Gospel" crowd to the curb - at least until they need them and then these heretics are trotted out, patted on their little heads (small intellects coupled with small integrity doesn't require much room) and then kicked right back to the curb when their usefulness has ended.

These leftists became progressives to hide their radicalism.  Then they became liberals to hide their radicalism by adopting the term from what was known as the classical liberals, which was more link the Republican party today to hide their radicalism.  Now they've abandoned the term liberal and re-adopted the term progressive in order to become the rallying party for radicalism.

The reason conservatism didn't die is because it's not really so much a definable philosophy as it is a way of life. 

That way of life is based on the concept known as responsibility.

That requires little explanation or definition. Responsible people know they have to have a job. They know they have to raise their children as married people. They know they have to pay their bills.  They know violence against their neighbors is unacceptable. 

The only real weakness in responsible people is their compassion for every new "victim" the left throws in their face.  It's now to the point the only ones left who aren't victims are the responsible people. 

But at some point responsible people stop being saps and start demanding an accounting for all these expensive and abusive "fixes" the left has pushed down the throats of honest, hardworking, responsible citizens. That's happening now!

These responsible people are sick of being called racists no matter what they do or how much money is spent to accommodate blacks to make up for something they had nothing to do with. At some point it became obvious black America wasn't going to be fixed until they decided to start demanding black American became responsible for their problems.  And slavery 200 years ago is the reason for those problems. 

Racism is a term that's being so misused it's in effect an effort to change the definitions of the words in the English.  It's now even being applied to those who don't support open immigration, and the Islamification of America.

And it's now become clear the left could care less about these groups, they're merely tools to be used to destroy the two things that prevent a system of worldwide governance by the United Nations - the American economy and the U.S. Constitution.  If and when that happens, these "victims" will be cast aside.

If they can. 

The problem will be how to stop the radical violence they've loosened on the world.  Once they're in charge - they're going to be the target for those even more radical and irrational than themselves. 


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