Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Donald Trump Stopped Democrats from Killing Alaskans

By Warner Todd Huston January 29, 2018

Once again showing the massive difference between Democrats and Republicans, a new policy put in place by President Donald Trump’s administration will save the lives of Alaskan citizens by canceling a policy put in place by the anti-human Democrats, a policy that has caused the death of dozens of Alaskans. There is a major difference between the two parties when it comes to protecting human life. Democrats simply don’t much care about people.

Not only are they pro-abortion, but they also tend to put the lives of animals ahead of the lives of people (tell me how many liberals you know who say the lives of animals are more precious than humans). And the latter couldn’t be better illustrated than by the aforementioned policy in Alaska that Trump has finally changed after nearly 40 years.

Way back in 1980, one of our worst, failed presidents, Democrat Jimmy Carter, signed a bill creating the Izembek National Wildlife Refuge. It was a law that aimed to protect the endangered Black Brant goose. The bill set aside a section of the Alaskan wilderness as a no-go zone by humans in order to protect the bird’s habitat........After six presidents and almost 40 years of neglect, Alaskans in King Cove are finally going to have the road that could save the lives of their most vulnerable citizens..............To Read More....

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