Sunday, January 28, 2018

Sanctuaries: 675 Jurisdictions Wouldn't Turn Over Criminal Aliens to ICE

Terence P. Jeffrey | January 26, 2018
Law enforcement agencies in approximately 675 jurisdictions around the United States declined to comply with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement “detainer” requests and hand over to ICE removable aliens whom those jurisdictions had arrested for violating local laws, according to the Inspector General for the Department of Homeland Security.  According to the IG, this lack of cooperation from local law enforcement agencies has hindered ICE’s efforts to identify known or suspected foreign terrorists, who are inside the United States........To Read More...
My Take - First off, it's a violation of federal law to refuse the help federal authorities in immigration issues.  Secondly, they need to stop talking about this and arrest someone and send them to jail - let's start with Gov. Jerry Brown of California.  I will guarantee this will put a stop to this nonsense. 


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