Thursday, January 25, 2018

The Other Demographic Demise Democrats Should Worry About

Arthur Schaper Jan 25, 2018

The Democrats want open borders, since their future election chances depend on massive demographic shifts through mass third-world immigration. To their consternation, the #SchumerShutdown fight whimpered out because the public doesn’t want more immigration. That avenue for increasing their voter base is closing on them.

Democrats are ignoring another declining base of support to their hurt: organized labor. For decades, labor unions ensured victory. Minority Leader Chuck Schumer won his Senate Seat because labor unions held him crushed his Republican opponent in 1998. Unfortunately, despite two major opportunities for long-term pro-labor reforms, unions have seen Democrats taking them for granted. Now union support is disappearing. 

Why is the Democratic Party losing their once-stalwart political allies?.....To Read More....

My Take - The answer is simple.  They're middle class, they're mostly white, they're getting smaller by the year.  They can't win supporting labor's needs, and as history has shown time and time again, leftists will adopt anything that will garner them power and money, and just as quickly abandon anything or anyone that doesn't, because the left has no moral foundation except the intense graving to gain enough power control everyone's life. 

Now what could be more insane?
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  1. Thanks for posting and sharing my article.

    It is my sincere hope to see the demise of Big Labor as the onerous, larger than life political force which they ahve turned into over the last twenty years.

    Thanks again for reading and sharing!

  2. Arthur,

    You're quite welcome, it was a well done article. Big labor has seen it's days, and I have to believe all the Public Employee unions are going to have to be firmly dealt with or their pensions and benefit plans will bankrupt a huge number of cities and some states.

    Thanks for your interest in P&D.

    Rich Kozlovich