Monday, February 18, 2013

"Passion to Action"

By Rich Kozlovich
A good friend of mine forwarded an e-mail to me today dealing with information from the Anderson Tea Party.  I never heard of them, and to tell you the truth I think this is largely true of these types of groups all over the country.  They’re not well known because they are merely regular people who never had any interest in politics, other than paying attention to what is going on.  But things have changed and now these regular people are forming alliances, taking positions, and changing the way things are being done in government.  These groups are local and vocal because they are scared of their government and fed up.  And no matter what the main stream media is saying they were not created by Big Tobacco and the Koch family.   In my work I see a great many people every year and I have come across a number of people doing just this very thing.   Talking to them makes it abundantly clear that they don’t work for Big Tobacco or anyone else for that matter. 
One of their major concerns is gun legislation.  The problem with this issue is the media is defining it and doing so incorrectly.  This whole gun issue is all about one thing and one thing only.  Is the United States Constitution the law of the land or not.  That’s it!  So whether one is a gun person or not, all of what is going on must be of major concern, because this is an even more slippery slope than most of what the statists attempt to impose. 
For those who wish to engage on this issue you will appreciate the information below. 

Anderson Tea Party Members and Friends,
 We have put together the below information regarding two (2) bills in the Ohio Senate dealing with the Second Amendment and gun ownership/use in Ohio:
 SB 18 introduced by Sen. Shirley Smith (D) creates a gun registry and assault weapons ban.
 SB 36 as introduced by Sen. Kris Jordan (R) prohibits the creation of a gun registry and protects the rights of citizens in legal possession or use of a firearm.
 ACTION ITEM: To help pass SB 36 and protect our 2nd Amendment rights and to stop SB 18 and the attack on our 2nd Amendment rights, please contact the Ohio Legislators in the easy links below. Simply draft your message, then copy and paste it, and resend it to all others! Feel free to share the below information (in part or in full) and contact information with friends who support the 2nd Amendment and state sovereignty.  
 In Liberty,
 The Anderson Tea Party Team
Contact us at: 
As the gun control battle is alive in the U.S. Senate, more and more Sheriffs across the country have stated they will refuse to enforce any Unconstitutional gun laws. Along with these Sheriffs, many states are also taking action to protect the 2nd Amendment rights for the residents of their states as well.
In Ohio, there has been two pieces of legislation introduced in the Ohio Senate. As introduced by Senator Shirley Smith (D), one version (SB 18), in attempts to infringe on our "right to keep and bear arms," will create a state-wide database of gun and ammunition purchases and will ban the ownership or use of any assault weapon.
Under SB 18, the state-wide data base of gun and ammunition purchases will be maintained by the Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation and any firearm capable of holding 10 rounds or more will be classified as an assault weapon. 
S.B. 18 - Senator Shirley Smith (D)
To amend section 109.52 and to enact sections 109.5731 and 2923.171 of the Revised Code to prohibit a person from knowingly acquiring, possessing, carrying, or using an assault weapon and to require the Attorney General to prepare for the establishment of a firearm and ammunition transactions database.
 In contrast, and in a manner respecting and protecting our Constitutionally protected right to "keep and bear arms," S.B. 36, was introduced by State Senator Kris Jordan (R) and Co-sponsored by Senator Tim Schaffer (R).
 If passed, Senate Bill 36 will prohibit the establishment of any firearm registry in Ohio and will prohibit law enforcement agencies and/or international agents from enforcing any firearm registration or firearm ban. Furthermore, SB 36 will protect the immediate rights of citizens lawfully in possession or control of a firearm.
 S.B. 36 - Senator Kris Jordan (R)
 To enact sections 5502.23 and 5502.231 of the Revised Code to prohibit any agency and its employees and agents from seizing or authorizing the seizure of any firearm from any person lawfully in possession or control of the firearm except when a law enforcement officer reasonably believes the immediate seizure of the firearm is necessary for the safety of the officer or another person or to preserve the firearm as evidence, to prohibit the establishment of a firearm registry, and to prohibit law enforcement officers and international agents from enforcing a firearms registration requirement or firearm ban.
Whereas SB 36 will protect and reaffirm our Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms, SB 18 will not only infringe upon our 2nd Amendment rights by allowing for the actions of law abiding gun owners to be continually monitored by law enforcement agencies, SB 18 will also allow for the indiscriminate banning of certain currently lawful firearms.
To protect and reaffirm our Second Amendment rights we must embrace Senator Jordan's SB 36 and work to immediately stop Senator Smith's full frontal assault on our Second Amendment rights by defeating SB 18.
Currently SB 36 is in the Senate Pubic Safety, Local Government & Veteran Affairs Committee and SB 18 is in the Senate Criminal Justice Committee. Please look below to find how you can help and contact information.
 SB 36 --
 Contact the below members of the Senate Pubic Safety, Local Government & Veteran Affairs Committee and urge them to immediately hold the required hearings and support the passage of SB 36 out of Committee.
 Senate Public Safety, Local Government Committee
Senator Frank LaRose (R)

Senator Jim Hughes (R)

Ranking Minority Member
Senator Michael Skindell (D)

Senator Kevin Bacon (R)

Senator Edna Brown (D)

Senator Kris Jordan (R) / Sponsor

Senator Tom Patton (R)

Senator Tim Schaffer (R) / Co-Sponsor

Senator Charleta Tavares (D)

Senator Joe Uecker (R)

SB 18 - 
To STOP SB 18 and the creation of a Gun Registry and an indiscriminate banning of legal firearms, please contact the Criminal Justice Committee Chairman & Vice-Chairman and inform them that no hearings should be given to SB 18 as it is a clear infringement on our Second Amendment rights. 
Senate Criminal Justice Committee 
Senator John Eklund (R)

Senator Bill Seitz (R)

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