Sunday, February 24, 2013

Wind farms will create more carbon dioxide, say scientists

9:00PM GMT 23 Feb 2013

 Thousands of Britain’s wind turbines will create more greenhouse gases than they save, according to potentially devastating scientific research to be published later this year.   The finding, which threatens the entire rationale of the onshore wind farm industry, will be made by Scottish government-funded researchers who devised the standard method used by developers to calculate “carbon payback time” for wind farms on peat soils.

Wind farms are typically built on upland sites, where peat soil is common. In Scotland alone, two thirds of all planned onshore wind development is on peatland. England and Wales also have large numbers of current or proposed peatland wind farms.   But peat is also a massive store of carbon, described as Europe’s equivalent of the tropical rainforest. Peat bogs contain and absorb carbon in the same way as trees and plants — but in much higher quantities.  British peatland stores at least 3.2billion tons of carbon, making it by far the country’s most important carbon sink and among the most important in the world.

My Take – Once again regarding the amounts of CO2 produced by peat.  So what?  CO2 doesn’t cause warming.  Warming and cooling is “all natural”.  Get over it!

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