Saturday, February 23, 2013

Politicians posture as the lights go out

By Daily Mail Comment

Yesterday the head of the regulator Ofgem warned consumers to expect another rise in their already painfully-high energy bills – which have more than doubled since 2004, to £1,300 a year.  The reason for the increase is devastatingly simple: our power industry – once among the best in the world – can no longer produce anything like the energy we need to keep the lights on.  So we have to import gas from unstable countries such as Russia – at hugely inflated prices. …..If the lights do go out, history will be harsh on a posturing political class  that – in order to burnish its ‘green credentials’ – has left Britain at the mercy of foreign powers for heat and light.  But then successive governments, obsessed by short-termism, have made a mess of energy policy....To Read More....

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