Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Of course: Former EPA chief “Richard Windsor” had some buddies

by Erika Johnsen  February 19, 2013
I suppose it stands to reason that, if erstwhile EPA chief Lisa Jackson spent part of her tenure using an — er — shall we say, extracurricular e-mail account to quietly conduct EPA business and eclipse transparency laws in order to cloak the EPA’s job-killing agenda, some of the people with whom she was conspir–I mean, corresponded, probably had e-mail aliases, too. If the chief thought it was a good idea, why not get some of her lieutenants in on the scheme, too?
The EPA released the second tranche of Richard Windsor e-mails required by the FOIA request from the Competitive Enterprise Institute and subsequent lawsuit against the agency (nevermind that they withheld 900 e-mails from the first batch in January without much explanation), and Ranking Republican Sen. David Vitter on the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee today revealed some of their findings today. Turns out Richard Windsor wasn’t acting alone, emphasis mine:....To Read More.....

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