Sunday, February 24, 2013

Blackout Britain: EU environmental directive puts millions at risk of power cuts

By: Tracey Boles Published: Sun, February 24, 2013

ONE million homes narrowly escaped a power cut last month as bitterly cold weather placed a massive strain on Britain’s creaking electricity network. Shutdown was only avoided because a gas-fired station due to close by next winter came to the rescue. Last night experts warned that life-threatening blackouts are increasingly likely as “we head downhill – fast”…… “Fawley, an oil-fired plant in Hampshire, was one of the power stations that responded. Next winter Fawley will not be there.”…. Fawley is one of a number of coal and oil power stations being forced into retirement to comply with EU environmental targets…..This comes at a time when almost all the country’s nuclear power stations are due to shut down because they have reached the end of their working lives…..“The first thing that will happen is higher prices for electricity.”….Freezing weather conditions could spell disaster if homes loose power…… “We are facing disaster on energy prices. The dynamic has changed, but the thinking hasn’t....To Read More.... 

My TakeThe shale gas potential for the U.K. and mainland Europe is huge. If developed


the cost of energy would drop significantly; the potential for economic development would skyrocket; and it would leave Europe and the U.K. far more energy secure and energy independent than they are now!  But in order for all that to happen the leaders of these nations would have to abandon all this greenie nonsense regarding Global Warming. 

The fact of the matter is that if developed it would be obvious that energy production via nuclear, coal or oil plants would no longer be economically competitive.  As for these so-called alternative energy sources such as wind and solar; they are not alternatives to traditional energy production.  Solar can be an alternative to wind and visa versa, but neither of them can be alternatives to oil, gas, coal or nuclear, economically or reliably.  Below is a map showing the shale gas potential for the United Kingdom.  So my question is this.  Why aren't the leaders of these counties being charged with treason?

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