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And Think of the Horrors Unleashed by Penicillin!

by Don Boudreaux on October 21, 2007
Here’s one of the most absurdly ridiculous lines that I’ve read in a long time; it was penned by Alexander Cockburn, writing in the November 5, 2007 issue of The Nation:
“Line up some of the more notorious Nobel Peace Prize recipients, such as Kissinger, and if you had to identify the biggest killer of all it was probably Norman Borlaug, one of the architects of the Green Revolution, which unleashed displacement, malnutrition and death across the Third World.”
Shameful, on so many levels (one of which is that this sentiment drains credibility from the bulk of this article by Cockburn, which attempts to expose Al Gore’s hypocrisy).
(HT: Joe Mann)
By the way, Gregg Easterbrook, in his tribute to Norman Borlaug (from the January 1997 issue of The Atlantic) wrote that, “
Perhaps more than anyone else, Borlaug is responsible for the fact that throughout the postwar era, except in sub-Saharan Africa, global food production has expanded faster than the human population, averting the mass starvations that were widely predicted — for example, in the 1967 best seller Famine –1975!   The form of agriculture that Borlaug preaches may have prevented a billion deaths. 
And here’s an earlier entry from here at the Cafe about Dr. Borlaug....This Appeared Here....

My Take – I know this goes way back, but I inserted it because I wish to demonstrate the insanity of the left.  Everything is backwards with them.  They re-define words to please whatever is their philosophy of the moment, and they misrepresent the facts with a complete lack of shame.  When exposed for their calumny they make statements that not only excuse their actions they laud themselves for doing it, and the entire left marches in lock step in agreement.   All the movements of the left, including the green movement, is irrational, misanthropic and morally defective. 

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