Saturday, February 23, 2013

More From the Galacticly Stupid

Schultz: Every Dollar Spent On Unemployment Creates $2 Of Economic Activity - Ed Schultz talks about North Carolina Governor Jim McCrory's tenure in office. Schultz criticizes McCrory for cutting unemployment insurance.  ….. To see video…. 
George Galloway Storms Out of Debate With Israeli Student at Oxford - British MP accused of racism after walking out of West Bank debate at university, saying: "I don't debate with Israelis"…To See Video…..

Pelosi Says The Strangest Things!
February 22, 2013 By Bosch Fawstin Comments (18)
Nancy Pelosi revealed how precarious the politician’s pretense at dignity is when she argued that the reason a pay cut for members of the house would not be good is because it would make them feel bad about themselves. Part of the problem with today’s America is that politicians are not reminded enough that they’re the least respected members of our society. Case in point, my below cartoon. In putting together Pelosi’s quotes, I thought of this popular twitter account. Sometimes, the most effective way to discredit someone is to allow him or her to speak uninterrupted…To Read More…..

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