Thursday, February 28, 2013

California in Crisis: Golden State's green jobs bust

Conn Carroll February 27, 2013 | 6:00 pm

California built decades of broad-based prosperity from the Gold Rush, then Hollywood, then aerospace, and later Silicon Valley. At the turn of the century, "green jobs" were supposed to be the wave of the future. "This is not just a challenge, it's an opportunity," then-candidate Barack Obama said during a 2008 presidential debate. "Because if we create a new energy economy, we can create 5 million new jobs, easily, here in the United States."  President Obama, of course, has completely failed to deliver on this promise of 5 million new green-collar jobs……..But where the rest of the nation has rejected all or most of these proposals, California has embraced them all.  How is that going for them? …... renewable energy mandate alone will drive up electricity rates for everyone by more than 13 percent, according to the Pacific Research Institute, as utilities are forced to buy more expensive electricity from renewable sources….California will once again face rolling blackouts starting in 2015….. all these new green energy programs must at least be creating thousands of new green jobs, right? Wrong......fewer than 2,500 green jobs have been created in California since 2010. To Read More......

My Take - Once again....I thank the citizens of California for sticking to their principles.  They see the way, set the pattern and reap the consequences.  In this case all negative of course, but what would you expect when they buy into the nonsense of a man who never held a real job and then predicts a rosy future for green economics in spite of the historical foundation of unending failure in the past.  But we can be grateful that they light the path for the future.  Now all that everyone has to do is the opposite of California and success will be assured.  And after they have driven all the job creating, sane normal people, who pay all the taxes out of the state, all that will left are those who qualify for membership in the "Club For the Galacticly Stupid". 

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