Sunday, February 24, 2013

Logical Fallacy of the Week: Week 59, Appeal to Authority

 Appeal to authorityauthoritative argument and appeal to authority, is an inductive-reasoning argument that often takes the form of a statistical syllogism.  Although certain classes of argument from authority can constitute strong inductive arguments, the appeal to authority is often applied fallaciously: either the authority is not a subject-matter expert, or there is no consensus among experts in the subject matter, or both.......Fallacious arguments from authority often are the result of failing to meet at least one of the required two conditions (legitimate expertise and expert consensus) structurally required in the forms of a statistical syllogism. First, when the inference fails to meet the first condition (inexpert authority), it is an appeal to inappropriate authority, which occurs when an inference relies upon a person or a group without relevant expertise or knowledge of the subject matter under discussion....To Read More....

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